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30º 01' 59" S  51º 13' 48" W


Identity is what guides Också this season. With a collection developed in a highly intuitive way the brand explores, from a new look, basic sewing techniques for the purpose of rescue. The union of people and ideas, factors and materials, methods and execution is transfigured into the essence of the brand.

The designer Igor Crivellaro proposes a questioning about the dualities, using the counterpoint between organic and synthetic materials, or minimalist pattern and descontruded shapes. The coexistence of these elements translates in a hybrid way.

The use of black brings with it a mixture of symbolism and represents the idea of ​​fusion, since it is formed by the union of all colors. Still in this collection, along with the Spanish label AGUSTEMS, the brand launches 5 versatile models of bags developed on canvas and hand painted.

The message is quite clear, after a year of great changes - now its creative direction is based in Barcelona - Också reaffirms itself as a concept and embraces its identity in a complete way, staying true to intelligent and unexpected streetwear and looks to a new horizon.

The fashion show is proposed as a collaborative experience in which the brand opens to the external looks of its partners. The label reaffirms its partnerships with Melissa shoes and Vicunha fabrics. The art direction of Roberta Maria de Padua plus the audiovisual performance of the Teto Preto group set the mood of the catwalk. The photographer Miguel Soll interferes in the backstage capturing instants, Guilherme Casagrande with his experimental makeup allied to the singular vision of the Stylist Tathiana Yumi Kurita incorporate new meanings to the pieces and the work of the stylist.

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