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reflexos, reflexões e realidade distorcida_

Också, founded in 2013 by Igor Crivellaro, makes its debut in the official SPFW lineup, starting a new stage. The brand, which was a resident of the Casa de Criadores until 2018, presented its collections in several fashion weeks around the world in recent years, such as Antwerp, Berlin, Milan, New York, Paris, Vancouver, Rio de Janeiro and Fortaleza.

From its long journey of experimentation, Också arrives at SPFW N47 with a collection that celebrates the diversity and transformative power of meeting the other, understanding the riches that exist in our differences and in what makes us. This collection also talks about the poetry of the cities and the streets, and the possibility of the junction of exchanges and stories anywhere in the world, regardless of origin or culture. As it happens in Också's own history, which operates with a small team composed of people from different backgrounds and extremely valuable for the consolidation of their identity.

This concept is inserted in the creation process, translating into pieces that carry a mix of textures and materials (twill, cold wool, wool, matelass, denim, sweater, ribano, wet velvet, knit, cupro, viscose, cotton and vinyl ) and an eclectic color chart, giving a vibrant and chaotic tone to the models. Brand identity resists the broad shapes and the way modeling is explored, as well as its remaining timelessness. No longer by the minimalist tone that carries in its collections, but by the perception of the future and the present, in a mixture in what is said to be postmodernity.






NATACHA TOGORES_executive producer 


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